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This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.

Lava Lamp, Bubbling

I am part American Indian,part Hienz 57,born and raised in florida,have seen several other states and they really hold no fascination for me .Florida is all there is as far as I am concerned,except for anywhere tropical with islands.I live somewhere in the vacinity of orlando,yeah,near the mouses house.age-wise we shall call it thirty sumthin'

I do like music,quite a wide range actually,but my brother is the music wizard! If it has to do with a band he knows it,the older the better.
As for hobbies,Ido like to fish,salt water only
shrimping also ,it is a great adventure in every trip.
I like to play darts,cut throat cricket mostly.
also like pretty much anything to do with nature,this must come from my Indian side,so if you please,like the page's title have some common sense people!! keep our planet clean!!!!!!!!

A woman mountain biking; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Work? Not my favorite topic, but if you must know,Iam an electrician.job title Foreman
I work for Sunrise Electric of Central Florida Incorperated
commercial electric is my specialty,but houses are not beneath me.

Cruise Ship Growing


Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:
hey what else can compete with MATRIX

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:

Nirvana,Pantera,Godsmack,static X, Soil,and most music before the 1990's